About Us
SABARAMATI SAMITI is a non-profit and secular organization initially started its work in the year 1987 towards Non-formal & Adult education in the block of Krushnaprasadpur under Puri district of Odisha. Thereafter, in the year 1991 at Parikuda representatives from 30 No’s of village unanimously decided to form an organization and select its name as Sabaramati Samiti, and resolute to took Nine members as become its Board Members.

The organization was legally registered in the year 1992 at Ganjam, Odisha and engages to work towards empowerment of Women, Dalit, Fisherflok & Farming communities along the coast adjacent of Ganjam & Puri district of Odisha. As the leading NGO of Costal district Of Odisha, serving over 24 Years, we are also committed to growing to meet up-and-coming needs of communities as a whole in a participatory way. 
Mr. Gopabandhu Behera the Founder of the organisation. Also act as Secretary cum Chief Functionary of SABARAMATI SAMITI.


Ganjam District

  • Kaluapadar-Keshpur GP under Khallikote Block of Ganjam District.
  • Madhurchua & Binchanapali- Sanaramachandrapur GP under Ganjam Block of Ganjam District.
  • Haripur, Bandar, Upulaputi & Rewkaturu- Kallipalli GP under Chatrapur Block of Ganjam District.
  • Khairobethi- Allarigada GP under Seragada Block of Ganjam District.
  • Mahirkona- Kurla GP under Seragada Block of Ganjam District.
  • Kurla- Kurla GP under Seragada Block of Ganjam District.

Puri District

  • Maluda – Sabaramati Street- Maluda GP Krushnaprasad Block under Puri District.
  • Kumarpur- Nandala GP Kruchnaprasad Block under Puri District.
Gajapati District
  • List of projected villages under Rayagada GP of Rayagada Block under Gajapati District.
  • Champa Sahi
  • Upper Sahi
  • Sunapur
  • Saura Sunapur
  • Dheku Sahi
  • Laxmipur
  • Parbata Sahi
  • Hendia Goda Sahi
  • Uthan Singh (IGM) Sahi
  • Rayagad (Gajapati)
Geographic Coverage